Does your business recycle your old computers, office supplies, or lights?

Here are three things that may make you want to start.

1. Good for the Environment Good For You

As we step into a new age defined by environmental consciousness and awareness, being an environmentally conscious business is important if not necessary. But did you know that it can actually benefit your business? Here are some statistics that may surprise you:

  • 92% of young professionals would be more inclined to work for an environmentally-friendly company.
    (Source: MonsterTRAK)
  • 50% of global consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that have implemented programs that give back…Almost as many as 43%, claim they actually have paid more. (Source: “Going Green” Forbes)
  • Companies with high CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) ratings, receive 35% to 50% more positive coverage in TV, Newspaper, and Online media. (Source: Forbes)
  • Of 500 energy efficient business leaders, 42% said their sales have increased over the past one to two years. (Source: Environmental Defense Fund / Frost & Sullivan Survey)

It’s true, being a green company can be green for your bottom line. Recycling with your business can be your first step towards being a greener company. And it can also help you stay competitive and be part of the public discussion surrounding environmentalism and sustainability. Your company can help the environment by recycling, but you can also help your bottom line grow! Check out part of this info graphic from the folks at

Check out's infographic on how going green can help your company.  Click to read the full article!

Check out’s infographic on how going green can help your company.
Click to read the full article!

Not convinced? See what the folks at have to say about green marketing. They offer some great advice for marketing your business as green. There you can find some ways to not only help the environment, but integrate green practices into your plans for company growth.

Recycling is great way to start greening your business, and generate positive buzz about your company and its green efforts. Your green marketing campaign can start there. Use recycling companies to generate buzz, certifications, and metrics about the energy you are saving by not tossing items into landfills.

2. Recycling and Your Corporate Carbon Footprint

When you think of reducing your carbon footprint you may think, drive less, or encourage employees to carpool, or reduce energy usage in buildings.

These are all great ways to reduce your corporate carbon footprint but did you know recycling might actually be a better way? Allowing your company’s old resources to be put back into the product life cycle is a big step towards sustainability.

The table below shows some of the resources companies like Cleanlites can extract from your spend electronics, lights, or product IT waste.

Recycling old electronics or products actually is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Recycling old electronics or products actually is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint

3. Global Responsibility

Recycling efforts can be the first step to your company’s sustainability and actually help your business create a positive public image. Environmentally speaking it can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and allow for new commodities to come from your spent electronics or products. But did you know it can also help the economy? And not nationally, but globally.

Creating Domestic Jobs

Investing in recycling does not only help the bottom line of your company, but it helps the bottom line of the American Economy. The recycling industry has the potential to grow the American economy, circulate capital, and create jobs.

Just last year, the published a study that estimated about 42,000 jobs could be created from the growing recycling industry.


Another study commissioned by the Indiana Recycling Commission (IRC) and noted in Recycling Today Magazine says that there is a potential for 10,000 recycling jobs in the state of Indiana alone.

The report goes on to say that about two thirds of materials currently disposed of in the state could be reclaimed and used in future manufacturing. That number is huge!

A Better Standard of Living in Developing Countries

By now, most are aware of the horrible results of shipping e-waste to developing nations. Pictures show unending landfills piled high with used electronics. Reports are surfacing of unsafe de-manufacturing processes spilling hazardous waste into developing nations’ air and water.

Toxics e-waste documentation (China : 2005)

Not only do your recycling efforts boost the economy here, but it helps raise the standard of living in developing countries. Recycling is audited companies can assure that your company’s old IT Assets and Electronics do not end up piled high overseas, awaiting hazardous incineration.

This year, Earth 911 published an article estimating that e-waste generation will grow by a third in 2014. You can read the article here. The more e-waste is generated, the higher risk we run of environmental and social degradation.

The advice we at Cleanlites are offering you can greatly impact the way your business is seen, and the true impact your business can have on the economy, the environment, and the world. We hope you choose to recycle!