The Rise of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

Since energy crises in the early 70s, corporations large and small have taken significant efforts to maximize energy use and cut extraneous costs. As a result, a new brand of corporation was born: Energy Service/Savings Companies or ESCo. Energy Service Corporations undertake a variety of operations, often many at a time. By monitoring, consulting, and

A Useful Infographic Will Help You Understand Recycling

Did you know recycling doesn't only happen at the end of a products' life, in fact, many times it happens before the product life even begins. . . That's because a lot of mistakes happen in the process a product goes through before it gets to shelves. We process a large volume of material that

3 Trending Topics in Sustainability & Business

A lot has happened at home and abroad since our last update. For those readers that need a quick update on it all, we have put together three important topics that relate directly to sustainability and green business. As many of our readers know, the world of environmental sustainability is changing rapidly, not only politically,