Yesterday (September 23) The President addressed the United Nations in a speech covering Climate change, the role of the US, and the need for change. While Obama has taken steps throughout his presidency to do more for the environment, many think that this speech is the beginning of a much bigger step towards stricter environmental policy.

Earlier in the year we saw some strong legislation coming from the EPA regarding carbon reduction, and, by the sound of the President’s speech, such legislation will most likely continue.

More important is the weight and responsibility that the President puts on America’s private sector. Indeed, the president mentions again private sector business, corporations, and companies in the fight against climate change.

What does this mean for my business?

Future legislation whether state or federal will undoubtedly look towards answers and solutions from businesses. At this point in the conversation, things are as simple as reducing energy consumption but we think that later on, legislation will look to many outlets in the fight against climate change.

We think that every business should have a tentative sustainability plan. Even though we are a recycling company, we still have energy reduction policies, and goals to reduce our solid waste output annually. Moving forward in a greening private sector, all businesses will benefit from a comprehensive sustainability plan and goal. Not only will they be subject to incentives by the EPA and Federal Government, but they will also be better off in a world of resource shortages and energy cost spikes.

We will continue to cover this topic as it evolves, as always, be sure to follow!