Recycle For Earth Day

Cleanlites invites you to do something great for the environment today. Earth day is great day to look at the progress we have made and the progress we still need to make. "Recycling With Cleanlites is Part of The Solution" Electing to recycle your old electronics or lights is saving the earth and our environment.

Expired Windows XP Machines CAN be Recycled!

Many are now aware of the recent termination of the well-known and commonly-used operating system of Windows XP. XP was an extremely popular OS used by millions, and possibly billions as mentioned in business week. "Luckily, its very easy to recycle your old XP technology" Aside from the obvious IT setbacks this discontinuation may create,

Recycle Your Electronics Spring Cleaning Tips

Throwing Old Electronics into Landfills Contaminates the Environment Alot of people are probably enjoying the nice weather and maybe its time to start that annual process of spring cleaning. I know when I finally decide to clean out the house I find all kinds of things, and electronics are no strangers in this mix. Sometimes